cosmetic dentistry station park dental care dentist in farmington utahCosmetic Dentistry in Farmington, UT

When it comes to your teeth, our dentist and our staff at Station Park Dental are dedicated to helping to solve problems and to improve the appearance upon request. Our teeth whether we realize it or not help give us confidence not only in our smile but for everyday tasks. Cosmetic dental procedures can change so many characteristics of your smile, continue reading to learn more about what cosmetic dentistry procedures we offer to patients in Farmington, Utah just like you!


Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Most treatments available in our office can be explained in detail on our website or by one of our staff members.

Teeth Whitening: Sometimes because of age, the food we eat, or naturally our teeth can become discolored or stained. Most stains and discoloration can’t be removed with general cleaning, for this purpose we offer professional in-office and take-home whitening.

Cosmetic Bonding & Contouring: Both bonding and contouring deal with fixing minor or major chips on the tooth. With big major chips, bonding is where tooth-colored dental material is bonded to the tooth and then shaped to match the length and width of other teeth. Minor chips on the tooth can be fixed by removing a small portion of the tooth to level out the edge and make it smooth.

Porcelain Veneers: Veneers have the ability to change many features of your smile such as the shade, shape, size, and crookedness. If you have been wanting to change the entire appearance of your smile, veneers are something to look into.


With cosmetic dental procedures, we have been able to make our patients happy and fall in love with their smiles. In our office, we work very closely with our patients who have decided to make a change. Educating you on all of your options, the benefits, and what you can expect once starting and ending the treatments.


Come Talk to Us at Station Park Dental Care

You can learn a lot of information from our website about the treatments that we offer, once you have decided to really consider a specific treatment, come in and see us at Station Park Dental. We are open and ready to talk to anyone in Farmington, Utah who would like to make a change.