dental implants implant station park dental care dentist in farmington utahDental Implants in Farmington, UT

Staying up-to-date with dental technology has allowed us at Station Park Dentistry to give our patients of Farmington, Utah the most outstanding dental procedures and care possible. Missing a tooth can harm how you view your smile and even your overall appearance. Restoring missing teeth with a permanent artificial tooth or dental implants is a treatment we have been doing for our patients for years.


Parts of a Dental Implant

Because the point of a dental implant is to give our patients a permanent solution to having a missing tooth. Not only a durable solution but also one that they love and are proud to show off.

The dental implant is made up of two parts to give our patients the overall solution that they are looking for.

Implant: the implant, a titanium rod, is the part of the restoration that will be supporting the tooth and providing a firm foundation to allow all function. For the first part of the treatment, the rod is surgically placed in the jaw bone where the tooth is needed. Acting as the root of the tooth, the implant will promote gum and bone health by stimulation through chewing.

Restoration: When deciding with the dentist that an implant is what is best for you, you will discuss the wants you have for your new artificial tooth. The tooth will be made to fit the shade, size, and shape of your surrounding teeth, making your full smile look completely natural.


Benefits of a Dental Implant

Artificial teeth are made out of porcelain material that is comparable to the durability of our tooth enamel. Because it’s an artificial tooth, the tooth can’t develop a cavity.
Replacing a missing tooth can change the entire way you and others view your smile.
Dental implants are used to do many different restorations, including implant-supported bridges, dentures, and multiple single-tooth restorations.
Missing a tooth can promote gum and bone loss, replacing the tooth keeps surrounding tissues strong and healthy.

Why keep waiting around to replace your missing tooth? Dr. Allen and our team here at Station Park Dental can help give you a new tooth in just a couple of appointments. To ask questions and to learn more come see us in our Farmington, Utah office.