Dental Veneers station park dental care dentist in farmington utah Dental Veneers in Farmington, Utah

A bright, big, and straight smile is around the corner with dental veneers. In a few appointments, Dr. Allen and Dr. Wilcox can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. For more information about dental veneers, keep reading. 


What Are Dental Veneers? 

Dental veneers are thin porcelain caps placed on the front of the tooth. They cover the front 4-6 teeth on the top and bottom set of teeth. The porcelain material makes them durable and stain resistant. Dental veneers last a few years before they need to be replaced. 


What Are Some Ways That Teeth Become Discolored? 

There are many different ways that teeth can become discolored. One way is through food and drink. Items such as coffee, tea, and colas can discolor teeth. If you choose to drink these items, it is best to drink them with a straw. Another way to cut down on discoloration is to drink a glass of water with these drinks. Alternate water and a discoloring drink to help rinse out your mouth between sips. Smoking can also cause tooth discoloration. If you smoke, there are many health and dental reasons to consider stopping. Finally, age and wear is a way that teeth can become discolored. Wearing down the outer layer of the tooth exposes the yellow underneath layer. This layer is called the dentin. For more information about ways to prevent tooth discoloration, talk to Dr. Allen or Dr. Wilcox at Station Park Dental. 


How Are Veneers Placed?

The process to place veneers takes a few appointments at Station Park Dental. To begin, Dr. Allen or Dr. Wilcox will prepare your tooth for the veneer. To do this, they will remove part of the outside of the tooth called the enamel. This will help the veneer stick better. Yet, you may feel increased sensitivity to hot and cold with the enamel removed. Next, Dr. Allen or Dr. Wilcox will place the veneer on the tooth with a bonding material. Once the tooth is bonded, your dentist will adjust the veneers to your liking. Then, they may ask you to come back for a few appointments to further adjust and perfect the veneers. The advantage to coming back into the office for adjustment is that you will have a different perspective on the veneers after you have worn them. 


Dental Veneers Versus Dental Crowns

Dental veneers and dental crowns are similar in that they can both be used for a smile makeover. Crowns are placed around the entire tooth while veneers are a cap placed on the front of the tooth. Crowns protect the tooth more from decay, but they may show a darker gumline after a while. For a full smile makeover, ask Dr. Allen or Dr. Wilcox what the best option is for you. 


Are Veneers Right For Me? 

Dental veneers may be the right choice to brighten, enlarge, and straighten your smile. For more information about dental veneers, contact Station Park Dental. We look forward to hearing from you.