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Having a full set of dentures once your teeth have started to deteriorate or fall out is an amazing opportunity to revive your smile beautifully and naturally. We offer many different types of dentures in our office, Station Park Dental. Each is different in how they hold, care, and the treatment process. Before making a decision it is important to consult with Dr. Allen at our Farmington, Utah office. Because there are so many different types, we wanted to give you a little overview of how overdentures can improve your quality of life.


What are Overdenture Implants?

The main difference between a full set of overdentures and traditional dentures is that the overdenture can be secured onto the gums by 2 or more dental implants. Dental implants are small metal rods that are secured into the jaw bone through surgery, that the dentures will be screwed into upon placement.

The structure of the denture is similar to the traditional set with it obtaining a full set of artificial teeth, artificial gums that hangover natural gums, and palette coverage. Typically, the patients looking for a traditional-looking denture with extra support are drawn towards this specific type.
Overdentures provide a comfortable fit with incredible security.

When speaking with the dentist about your overdentures, you will be able to discuss your wants and needs for your dentures. In creating your new smile, we will try our best to incorporate all your wishes.


Overdenture Implant Benefits

Other than receiving a full brand new smile that you can show off, other benefits of overdentures include:

Over time, missing teeth cause the shape of the jaw to change, with stimulation through chewing and the implants the body continues to supply the needed minerals to keep the bone strong.

Without being secured into place, dentures can slip while chewing and even talking which can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Slippage can also create gum sores which can be very painful.

Implant overdentures look completely natural, are esthetic to the eye, and improve overall health.

We are giving our patients new smiles every day here at Station Park Dental in Farmington, Utah and you could be next. Please give us a call or set up an appointment to speak to Dr. Allen about all the choices available to you.