preventative Dentistry station park dental care dentist in farmington utah Preventative Dentistry in Farmington, UT

One of the most important aspects of dental health is preventative dentistry. Preventative dentistry at Station Park Dental consists of treatments and practices that revolve around preventing dental disease and issues. Ultimately preventing any problems from happening is impossible, but for our Farmington, Utah residents, we want to do our best to help you fight to keep your natural teeth healthy. 

Our dentist, Dr. Ryan Allen, is very passionate about preventative dentistry and hopes to educate and encourage all of his patients to take advantage of the preventive measures he offers.


Preventative Treatments

Below we have listed some of the main ways to help our patients prevent dental damage from occurring. 


Routine Appointments: a regular appointment is set to happen every six months. If you are unfamiliar with these appointments, we will do a deep, professional cleaning during your visit to our office, and Dr. Allen will perform an oral exam. Deep cleaning your teeth will remove all plaque and food buildup to help prevent decay and periodontal disease. The extensive examination conducted will allow Dr. Allen to diagnose any decay occurring. X-rays are also available at this time to assist in the examination. 


Dental Sealants: each chewing tooth or back molar has deep pits and fissures on the chewing surface. It is typical for food and plaque to get lodged into these deep areas, becoming hard to remove through brushing. For children especially, it is hard to properly and fully remove. The leftover debris can cause extensive cavities. A dental sealant is a preventative dental treatment that takes only one to two minutes to complete per tooth. Dental plastic in liquid form is placed into the deep pits and fissures after the tooth has been cleaned and dried. From here, we will harden the material with a curing light. The sealant’s job is to protect the tooth from food and bacteria. 


Fluoride: to help strengthen the outer layer of the tooth called the enamel, we use fluoride varnishes at Station Park Dental. In each fluoride varnish treatment, a high but safe dose of fluoride is administered to the teeth. Fluoride is a natural mineral found in some waters. All over the world, dentists recommend their patients to use products with fluoride to strengthen their teeth constantly. 


At-Home Oral Health Practices: all of these in-office treatments to strengthen your teeth and protect them against dental issues do work, but only if you do your part and clean your teeth at home. At Station Park Dental, we believe that the most essential way to protect your teeth is by having excellent oral health care at home. We encourage you to brush and floss twice a day and use a fluoridated mouthwash. For each patient who needs a reminder, we would love to help re-educate you on the best oral health practices. 


Prevent Oral Problems

Some oral problems require minimal attention and correction, but others require extensive treatments. Although we obtain all of the instruments and materials needed to perform comprehensive treatment in our dental office in Farmington, Utah, we like to do all we can to help you avoid them. 

If you would like to learn more about preventative dentistry and want to know if there is more you could do for the health of your smile, please get in touch with us.