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At Station Park Dental, we offer a wide range of services to cater to the people of Farmington, Utah. We understand that each smile and patient is different and requires different care to meet their wants and needs. One of our most common treatments surrounding restorative dentistry is dental crowns. 

A dental crown is a prosthetic tooth cap cemented onto a portion of a natural tooth to restore that tooth’s anatomy, strength, and abilities. There are many different dental issues that they can correct and different restorative treatments utilized when it comes to a dental crown. Some of the most common ways to use a dental crown include: 

  • Secured onto a dental implant in a permanent tooth replacement procedure 
  • Crowns repairs a cracked or damaged tooth by being a solid outer layer to preserve the natural tooth underneath 
  • Two dental crowns are used on both ends of a dental bridge to hold the complete replacement tooth/teeth in place 
  • For cosmetic purposes, we utilize a crown to cover a badly discolored or stained tooth 

Being a restorative and cosmetic dental option makes dental crowns one of the top procedures in our dental office. 


How do I Get a Dental Crown?

Obtaining a crown is entirely determined by the state of your tooth or teeth and if Dr. Ryan Allen recommends it. To help you understand the dental crown process a bit more, below, we have listed the general steps in receiving a crown. 



Dr. Allen is available for consultations with patients upon appointment. You will find out if a crown is the best restorative treatment for you and your teeth through a consultation. In some cases, when patients are at their bi-yearly exam, Dr. Allen will notice damage and possibly suggest a dental crown as a source of treatment. 

If you would like to know more about how dental crowns might be able to benefit your smile, give our office a call. 


Tooth Preparation: 

At your first visit in the dental crown process, we will prep your tooth for the dental crown. Preparing the tooth can look different for each case, but ultimately, we will shave down the outer layer of the tooth. If the tooth has experienced decay, we will remove all decay and the new surface cleaned before the crown can take its place. 

Once shaved down, we will take an impression of the tooth and the surrounding area. We will send it to the dental lab along with the wanted features of the new tooth. Here is where Dr. Allen or one of our team members will discuss the material options available with you. 


Temporary Crown: 

While your new and permanent crown is at the dental lab being created, a temporary crown will be made and put onto the tooth. The tooth might be sensitive and exposed; therefore, we place the temporary crown to keep it safe. 



Your second visit to our office will be your new tooth crown’s proper and final cementation. We won’t cement the crown unless the fit and the anatomy are correct. 

Finally, your new crown will be set after cementation, and you will be ready to go. We suggest that our patients keep them clean and have excellent oral hygiene for dental crowns. 


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A dental crown could be the thing to enhance your smile in health and appearance significantly. If you are considering whether or not you need or would like a crown, please call our office. Our team at Station Park Dental is ready to help!