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Are you tired of experiencing tooth sensitivity, cracks, or chips? Are you looking for a way to protect your teeth and improve your smile? Dental crowns offer a solution to these dental problems while also providing numerous benefits. Not only do dental crowns cover your teeth and enhance your appearance, but they can also improve your overall dental health. Fortunately for you, if you live in the Farmington, UT, area, we proudly offer dental crowns at Station Park Dental! In this blog post, we will explore some of the dental crowns’ excellent benefits.

Protecting Your Teeth from Damage

Dental crowns provide the ultimate protection for damaged teeth. They can prevent further decay, fractures, and other damage caused by accidents or injury. Crowns act as a shield for your teeth and ensure their structural integrity. If you’re an athlete, you will be happy to hear that dental crowns can protect your teeth during an impact and help prevent long-lasting damage.

Restoring Your Tooth’s Functionality

When you have a damaged tooth, eating or chewing is usually tricky. This is where dental crowns come in, as they restore the functionality of your tooth. With a dental crown, you can enjoy foods you couldn’t eat before. You can also improve oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly, as dental crowns make it easier. Moreover, we can make dental crowns from different materials that match the color of your natural teeth. With this excellent cosmetic fix to improve your smile, our dentists will ensure that your dental crown will fit naturally in your genuine smile, boosting your confidence and the primary function of your smile! 

Enhancing Your Smile and Confidence

Dental crowns don’t only protect your teeth, but they also make your smile look amazing. A dental crown is your solution if you have a discolored, chipped, or misshapen tooth. Crowns can be customized to match your tooth color and shape, giving you a perfect and natural smile. With a new and confident smile, you can enjoy social events more often and gain self-esteem.

Long-Lasting Results

Dental crowns have come a long way in recent years. With technological advancements in dentistry, crowns can last up to 15 years or more, especially with proper care and hygiene. This means that once you invest in a crown, you won’t need to worry about its maintenance for years. The durability of crowns makes them a cost-effective alternative to other dental procedures like veneers or fillings.

Preserving Your Natural Teeth

One benefit of dental crowns is that they preserve most of your natural teeth. Crowns are less invasive than other dental procedures and can protect a damaged tooth without extracting it. This keeps your natural tooth’s roots and prevents jawbone deterioration. Dental crowns can save you from costly procedures and ensure a long-lasting smile.


Taking Care of Your Dental Crowns

It is essential to follow the proper steps to ensure the care of your dental crown. 

  1. Oral Hygiene: You must brush your teeth twice daily and floss once daily to eliminate bacteria, plaque, and food particles stuck between your teeth. 
  2. Diet: Avoid hard foods that can damage your natural teeth and dental crowns. It is also essential to avoid using your teeth as a tool, for example to open packaging, as this can cause your teeth and dental crown to suffer from severe damage. 
  3. Dental Check-ups: Visit your dentist, Dr. Ryan Allen, Dr. Elizabeth Wilcox, and Dr. Rebecca Scheider, at our office in Farmington. During your check-up, your dentist can check to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and that there is no damage to your dental crown. 


Benefiting From Dental Crowns in Farmington, UT

Dental crowns offer numerous benefits that can protect your teeth and enhance your smile. With long-lasting results and customized options, dental crowns are ideal for anyone looking to improve their dental and overall health. If you are interested in experiencing dental crowns’ benefits, please schedule a consultation with us at Station Park Dental today!